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Superior Clay Vitrified Clay Wall Coping Ordering and Installation Information
Clay Wall Coping

Vitrified Clay Wall Coping

  1. Vitrified Clay Wall Coping shall be sound, standard weight, with flush joints in the styles as made by Superior Clay Corporation.
  2. All square corners and tee sections shall be factory or field cut.
  3. Use the end sections where required.


Use any approved flashing material.


Use any approved polysulfide, acrylic or silicone caulking compound as recommended by the manufacturer.

Field Cutting

As in most masonry work field cutting is needed to meet requirements of the job. The straight sections of wall coping are shipped in joined pairs and must be separated. the two joined sections are pre-scored and require that they be separated by the use of a mallet and brick set chisel. Carefully tap along the scores using the tools required until the sectiond are cleanly separated.

Ordering Information

When ordering wall coping specify by the number of linear feet needed, the width of the coping, the number of right hand and left hand corners, as well as the starters and ends required.

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