Superior Clay Catalog 2014 - page 44

toBuildAnyTypeof Fireplace
SeeThrough • LargeFireplaces
KivaStyle •ArchedFireplaces
3or4Sided •Corner Fireplaces
SuperiorClayhas taken theprinciplesofCountRumfordand
designed components that areused tobuild thebest fireplaces
available.Testshave shownSuperiorClayFireplaces:
• Delivermoreheat to the room
• Waste lessheat up the chimney
• Burnmore cleanly
• Providegreater resistance to
UsingSuperiorClay components and follow-
ingour designs,masons canbuild fireplaces
quicklyand inexpensively.
Wedo the engineering.Mantleand
surrounddesigns areunlimitedusingwood,
brick, tile, stoneor terra cotta. Call Superior
Clay for plans, assistanceduring construction
or to locate thedealersnearest you.
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