Superior Clay Catalog 2014 - page 40

Cooking in a
requires some experimenting. A fire is built in the oven
and stoked until the oven is heated sufficiently.When the oven is ready, throw
some cornmeal on the oven floor and bake right on the hot firebrick.
Some foods, such as pizzas, cook fast in a hot oven - three
minutes at about 700
F - and are cooked in the oven while
the fire is still burning. French bread is traditionally baked in
a periodic oven with amoist atmosphere and declining
temperature. Heat the oven up to about 400
F. Rake out the
fire andmop the hearth with a wet towel. Load the oven with
enough bread to fill it, which will keep themoisture high.
ave been built in American homes since the
first colonists landed here. Oven traditions date backmuch
farther – to at least Roman times. Now you can have an
authentic brick oven in your home or backyard.
Superior Claymakes components and provides
plans and instructions for building these traditional
masonry ovens. Bread and pizza baking purists
know that there is no substitute for these ovens
made of bricks.
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