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Heat StopRefractoryCement Products
Heat stop refractory cements shouldbeused to install clay flue liners, firebrickand for
masonry repairs.Heat Stopproductsprovide resistance to temperaturesof up to2000°F
andmeet all building codes.
Heat Stop
• Premixed& ready touse.
• Color is gray.
• Ideal for firebrick constructionof a fireplace firebox.
• Some insist on itspremixed feature.
• Binder is sodium silicate. Easy cleanup.
• 15 lbs. - 1gal or50 lbs. - 31/2gal.
• Manyuses for boilers, furnaces, kilns, etc.
• Same features asHeat Stoppremixedonlybeige
in color and looser consistency.
• 15 lbs. - 1gal. or50 lbs. - 31/2gal.
Heat Stop II&Heat Stop50
• Drymix, just addwater&mix.
• Itsnon-water soluble featuremakes it the first choice
for clay flue constructionof a chimney.
• Binder is calciumaluminate.MeetsN.F.P.A - 211.
• Oneproduct thatmeets all building codes.
• Theprosuse it for both firebrickand clay flue
• Heat Stop II,10 lbs.,1gal.
• Heat Stop50- (50 lb. bag) is themost economical
choice for both flues and firebrick. BESTBUYOFALL.
• Also for sealingpipingandwiring inwall, ceilingand
floor penetrations.
All productsmeetASTMC-199&ASTME-136.
Heat Stopbrandproductshavepassed the test of time
inhundredsof thousandsof installations throughout
all climatesofNorthAmerica.
• Thisproduct has all the featuresofHeat Stop II and
Heat Stop50mix,however, it is far better for repair
work. Stronger,morewater andacid resistant.
• Ideal for do-it-yourselfmarket.
• Great stuff for chimney sweeps andheating contractors.
• Repair broken firebrick, refill oldmortar joints, repair broken
or chipped clay flue lining. Repairs toboiler, ashpit, chimney
crown, firebox, clay flues, vent connections, smoke chamber
• 5 lbs. - 1/2gal.
Heat StopProductsdisplayedwithRumford style fireplace.
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