Superior Clay Catalog 2014 - page 33

Thedesign freedom inherent in terra cottahas been
rediscoveredbyanewgenerationof architects.Terra cotta
offers full scaledesignandproduction capabilitieswithan
unlimited rangeof colors and textures.
Terra cotta is, both in its structural anddecorative form,
unlimited in its ability tobe formed toalmost any shape,
color or texture that themind can conceive.Terra cotta can
bean economical alternative to stoneandbeingaunique
medium,many effects canbeobtained that cannot be
achievedwith stoneor other buildingmaterials.
Terra cotta is thedefinitionof substainable; it is
unaffectedby corrosives, it is fireproof,waterproof,
strong,will not change form, it is colorfast and
maintenance free.Manyof thebuildings built in the last
centuryweremasterpiecesof terra cottadesignand
construction.They standas a testament to theartistic
beautyof designand the flexibilityand longevityof
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