Superior Clay Catalog 2014 - page 15

Building fireplaces that sharea chimneyand foundations is agoodway tocut the cost of
masonry fireplaces. For example, a30" fireplaceupstairs inabedroomwouldonlyadd to
the cost of a fireboxanda fewflue liners.Anyadditional cost to the chimneyor foundation
wouldbeminimal.Adding flues to the chimney stack is aneconomicalway tovent other
appliances like furnacesorhotwater tanks.
Thisdrawingdisplays the typical
arrangement of aRumford fireplace
on the second floor aboveaRumford
fireplace (on the first floor)with flues
for a stoveor furnace in thebasement,
which is incorporatedallwithin the
same chimney. See individual fireplace
plans for actual sizes anddetails.
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